Seed Services

  • Sales​ - very competitive pricing
  • Growing - we can grow your product for you
  • Storage - if you buy early to guarantee your seed (and usually for a better price) we are able to store it until you are ready to use it
  • Cleaning - we can clean your harvest seed for you, with many filter sizes
  • Blending - our facility capable of blending several varieties of seed for your cover crop including: black oats, cereal rye, bayou kale, radish, turnips, Austrian winter peas, and crimson clover
  • Treating​ - we are a licensed chemical applicator
  • Packaging - you can choose paper bags, bulk bags, or by the truck load
  • Delivery​ - to anywhere in the USA

Seed Products

2018 Seed

Soybeans (Conventional Certified)


Soybeans (Glyphosate Tolerant)

​Soybeans (Special)

  • UA 5814HP


  • Jupiter
  • Roy J


  • Bob (non-certified)


  • Jamestown (certified)


  • Rice (12-12-12)​

NOTE: We are always looking to expand our business . If your are a grower and want to make a premium on your crop harvest, please, contact us for more information.

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