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Planning Officer - Wesley Petrus

Wesley has created several of the systems that PSG uses today and is always trying to make the business more efficient. He has served as an engineer in the U.S. Army for nearly the past


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Farming has always had it's ups-and-downs. In the early 90's, times were difficult for farmers. During that period, Robert Petrus envisioned creating a second business--a seed business, in order to help support his family. He new it was going to be a tough road, but he was dedicated and worked on it often after long days of farming in order to keep his dream alive. After much research, he soon established a connection at the University of Arkansas, and Petrus Seed & Grain opened it's doors in 1999. In order to test out this new venture first, he starting out small and began growing university foundation seed. By 2001, PSG had far outgrown working from the farmhouse and built it's first office. 

We are constantly upgrading our facilities and equipment, in order to keep up with demand. Our latest project was completed in the summer of 2016 which included an additional office and facilities for a full-time crew during our busiest time of the year.

As a small town farm family, we have over three generations of agriculture experience and have no intentions on stopping anytime soon with a fourth generation in training. We have a rich understanding of agricultural environments as well as what farmers want. After all, we plant the same types of seed on our farm that we sell to our customers. This ensures your product is the best on the market!

Our Promise to you...

We guarantee we will try our best to accommodate your needs. We conduct our research and produce what we believe will be the best varieties for the following year. However, speculation is difficult. Even if we do not have exactly what you are looking for, we have created great relationships with seed distributors in the southern and mid-western states and can get the seed you need for the cheapest price. Give us a call. If we cannot help you this this season, we would love to try again next season!

Meet our team

Owner/Sales/Operations - Robert Petrus ​

Robert created PSG from scratch. He has farmed his whole life and most of his early knowledge was gained from the school of hard-knocks by working with his father and uncles. Since then technology has changed farming, but his values and ethics have remained constant.

Owner/Producer - John Petrus

John earned his B.S.A. (Agricultural Business) from Arkansas State University and has been running the farming operations since 2006. There is nothing he enjoys better than driving a combine during the hot autumn harvest. He also pulls his own weight and helps out with seed treating, classifying seed samples, and weighing trucks.

Office manager - Terry Petrus 

​Terry is our administrative expert. She tracks all of the billing, ensures all product documentation is current, and handles almost everything else that pertains to the office. She loves to be around her family everyday.

​decade and continues to serve today. He is convinced this has helped him to developed a unique set of planning and organizational skills. When a problem arises, Wesley does not stop trying to solve it until he finds an effective solution.